The Haunted Strangler (also known as Grip of the Strangler and originally titled The Judas Hole) was a 1958 British horror film directed by Robert Day. It was adapted from "Stranglehold", a story which screenwriter Jan Read had written specially for Boris Karloff, and was shot back to back with producer Richard Gordon's Fiend Without a Face, with both later being released as a double bill by MGM.

Loosely based around the Whitechapel murders of the 1880s, the movie contains two extended cancan sequences set in a Victorian music hall. Like Jimmy Sangster's Jack the Ripper (American International, 1959), the film was shot in black & white and contains virtuoso performances by professional dancers. According to some sources, the cancan sequences were choreographed by Joan Murray, a former revuedaville alumnus who had performed at the Windmill Theatre during World War Two.


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