Typical resident of Lower Tidmarsh

Lower Tidmarsh is a small rural village located somewhere in England, possibly in the outskirts of London. Quaint and somewhat rustic in appearance, the village is home to the Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Fire Brigade, the Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Hospital and at least one public house, known as the Black Lion, which the fire brigade evidently considers a second home. While never explicitly stated, the district seems to share a nearby park with Little Dimpton, complete with a bandstand, musicians and gardeners. Other shared facilities might include a health farm, a police station and a sanitation unit.

Lower Tidmarsh appeared in a total of three episodes. The original 1970 Fire Brigade sketch was remade in colour in 1981, recycling many of the earlier version's gags and adding a few previously unseen.

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  • Both the Fire Station and the Hospital are staffed by volunteers.
  • The village fire chief smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish.
  • The Hospital's medical staff is composed of bumbling quacks and incompetent lechers.
  • Female patients are required to strip to their undergarments for the most spurious of reasons.


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